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Health & Safety


Looking after our Environment

At Romano’s Caterers we recognise and act on the need to protect our global environment, and are committed to minimising waste and pollution in order to minimise adverse environmental impacts.

We recycle as much as possible, and we do our utmost to reduce our carbon footprint.

In 2008 we abandoned all foam products and converted to recycled or biodegradable alternatives.

We now only use Recycled, Recyclable and Biodegradable products.

Diesel generators have been converted to LPG gas.

Our fleet of vehicles are fitted with low emission carbon filters and some run on LPG gas, they are also designed to run on electricity permitting the engine to be turned off whilst trading.

Used oil is collected and turned into eco fuel.

Health & Safety

It is our policy to provide a healthy work environment for our employees and safe guarding them from any health and safety issues that may jeopardise there well being whilst at work.

Our employees receive training to teach them to take reasonable care of themselves, fellow workers and customers.

Staff are also taught the safe handling of foods, cooking and cleaning procedures and customer service to protect the general public.

Our units are purpose built to out distinctive high standard and are fully equipped with top end cooking, holding, chilling and serving equipment.

Documented temperature controls in operation.

First aid, Fire extinguishers and Accident books are available in every unit.

Risk & Fire Risk Assessments carried out.

Gas and Electic equipment is tested and certified.

Our Employees

At Romano’s Caterers Ltd we favour hiring locally to try and ensure that money is invested back into the local economy, to reduce the environmental impact of commuting and to offer local employment opportunities.

All of our employees are trained to make sure they fully understand the safe handling of foods & our serving procedures.

This includes:
Food hygiene.
Personal hygiene.
Cooking and holding.
Cleaning procedures.
Temperature controls.
Storage guidelines.
Safe handling.
Customer service.

Staff are trained to meet our high standards and regulations, and meet our food handling and service delivery procedures.

All staff are of a tidy appearance wearing matching company uniform.

Romanos Ice Cream food hygiene rating 5

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